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Mini Cooper As Police Car

Mini Cooper As Police Car, yes you cant imagine ??? why ?? Mini Cooper car may be the fastest for police to catch the accused people. Lets get our mini cooper to go with the cops.

The all over the world MiniCoopernewly found an attractive cool product we mindset we'd disclose. The guys over at Downfall Cover have piled up a list of pictures from the 12 coolest police cars, and the MINI is announced as wide variety eight--apparently from Germany.

Somebody want to balance in and ensure that this is the place this pic is from? Or, should you are aware of photos your self where MINIs do duty for for public safety officers or other civic gigs--send us a link.

To be able to help make your own MINI with a bit of a law enforcement verhicle, curiously there are many merchants that can guide you try that. Find out the kit at StreetBeatCustoms--which allows your MINI to "sound similar to any of six prerecorded disaster vehicles."Lastly, spot that you could find small types and styles the 1967 type from UK on the market online. Superb.

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